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         Abree is a brand created by a wholesaler who thinks like a retailer.

At every level, Diane D’Angelo designed this label to answer retailer problems

like no other company can. She started by giving the retailer back the power

over their own wallet. Diane never has and never will believe in minimums.

Our policy is buy only what you need, only what you’ll sell. By creating a

quality private label line at unbelievable prices, we provided you with an

unmatched opportunity for a high mark-ups. Already empowered behind the
scenes by Abree’s brand principles, you will triumph on the selling floor.

Diane designed every dress, not just on a mannequin or a piece of paper,

but sitting next to her brides in her store working through rough spots before

the designs ever hit production. Her gowns speak to the modern bride through

a level of comfort and fit unmatched in the bridal industry. Your sales will soar

when you are backed by one of shortest delivery times in the industry. So here’s to

a new level of connection between you and your wholesaler. We are thrilled to be

part of your future success.

"The details are not the details.
They make the design"
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